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Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant, The Big Hitter, and wicketkeeper Batsman Played For India,
He born 4 October 1995 in Ashok Nagar Roorkee Uttarakhand,
In school Time he Practices and plays with ST Gabriel academy School playground.
His School Coach Avtar Singh says he is the most Talented player in our school his the best Batsmen In all Regions.

Virender Sehwag The former Indian Batsmen says Rishabh Pant Played Very well and the best wishes for them.
This year as Rishabh Pant did a Virat Kohli,
he sad our team hopes Rishabh Pant Played with Indian Team As soon as Possible.

His Father Passed away this year, Pant plays IPL Matches this news are Really shocking for Rishabh Pant, the Go to Roorkee and he was very dispersed for father death, Next day he will come to Delhi and join the Delhi Daredevils team. He scored hit 97 runs vs Gujarat lions in the different situation.

Very close to Rishabh say that the decision to Flow to Bangalore
was hard to make not only because of his father’s death but also because of his Not Well mother.

His mother had to Allow a major surgery just a few days back and Rishabh, deciding to play the Bangalore game or Left the Game,
took the hard decision on his own.

Devender Sharma, who has coached him at Sonnet,
and had attended the cremation, says,
“His maternal grandfather took him aside and asked him if he wanted to play.
He replied he’ll play.”

Sonnet head coach Tarak Sinha says, “I told him to go ahead and play.
We Cheered him to play. What’s appears has happened, I told him.”

Rishabh had got the news late at night and then Go to Roorkee from Delhi, reaching there in the morning.
he evoked for Delhi at 8, then took a flight to Bangalore and
attended the nets Practice in the evening.

His franchise had given him the Choice to take time off. “We just didn’t have the Bravery to say anything to him, but we told him to take everything time he wanted.

Rishabh’s dad Rajendra had last visited the Sonnet Academy, where he practices,
he was happy with the progress.

Rishabh and his guardian had strived hard to get him into Delhi cricket’s top institute as Roorkee in Uttarakhand were cricketing Sticks. And the role his mother
played was exemplary.

Devender says, “We had a 45-day camp about 6-7 years back and while his dad,
who Dream of seeing him become a cricketer, popularized him to us, it was the mother
who took charge in Delhi. The two stayed at the Moti Bagh Gurudwara as they had come from Roorkee and had no place to live.”

The mother provided at the Gurudwara even as the son gave shape to his dad’s dreams.
He played an Under-12 tournament and Knock three tons to earn the player of the tournament award.

Yuzvendra Chahal (Royal Challenger Banglore ) Says Rishabh was the Hard hitter of Cricket ball and the best batsmen in T20 and Shorter Format.

The club coaches soon got him into Air Force School in Delhi Cantt
and there was no looking back as he made a name for himself in India Under-19 colors
and then captained Delhi.

Hardik Pandya says Rishabh was a Very emotional Guy and very aggressive Batsmen.


Rishabh Pant

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